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We are happy to work with you to to turn your ideas into a cutting-edge design for your custom kit.

(Please note: A design charge may be levied if substantial assistance is required)


We can supply design templates that you can print out or use in a suitable software package.

Any logo or base pattern artwork should be supplied in a vector format – e.g. EPS, AI, or PDF (vector-based images can be scaled and manipulated without losing quality). For simple text please specify the font - if the font is unusual will will ask you to supply the font file.

Garment designs can be accepted in a variety of forms from physical sketches to polished PDF designs.

Colour Matching

We match our colours according to CMYK codes or we can convert from PMS codes (although note that this is not an exact science). If you need to match an existing colour please send a printed sample and we will do our best to match as closely as possible. Note that even if a CMYK code is identical between media (eg on screen and on fabric, or between two different fabrics), the actual colour may (probably will) vary.

Fluoro Colours

Fluoro colours (there are over 3000) are available and generally conform to the equivalent Pantone colour. However, note that fluoro colours cannot be mixed with standard non-fluoro colours except for black, white and grey.

Main design constraints

>> The actual printed image is not scaled across sizes, so logos can only be made as big as they can go on your smallest required size. This also means that complex designs frequently cannot be aligned across the borders between the various panels that make up a garment.

>> The crutch panels of the bibshorts and shorts cannot be printed on. They are, however, available in a palette of 16 block colours.

>> The cuffs of the shorts and bibshorts are (usually) separate panels from the main leg panels. They are cut from a continuous roll, and thus a logo cannot be in a fixed position on a leg cuff.